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Many methods exist, but do you have at least 3 ways to stay on track?

Staying on track does not necessarily mean following your schedule to a T.

That’s because, as parents, we often have the unexpected happen daily (if not multiple times a day). 

Here are my 3 Ways to Stay on Track:

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  1. Planner/Checklist – Some people use online planners or schedules like Google Calendars. Other choices are Microsoft OneNote, Trello, Asana, ClickUp, Airtable, Teamwork, etc. The important thing is that you begin to track what you need to do, deadlines you need to keep, and appointments you need to get to so you can get that rolling list out of your head a little bit. Control the Chaos, just a smidgen.
  2. Wants vs Needs/Goals – For this, I simply mean that you should have a list of what you want to do each day and what you need to do each day, as well as when you’d like to reach certain goals. That will help hold you accountable. But also be aware that some wants need deadlines set so that you WILL do them eventually and not keep putting them off merely because you can.
  3. Priorities/Flexibility – These will shift from day to day. What you find to be the most important and imperative. That’s why the wants and needs will provide the space in your schedule to be flexible and support the priorities you have set. Let yourself move bits and pieces so your priorities are in alignment with your goals.

What area do you feel most confident in, and which do you feel could use some improvement??

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