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Some of you may or may not know that I have a degree in music education.

With that, I dabbled in teaching piano lessons for a while. 

When I made the move to start my online business, 3 things that I learned as a piano teacher that helped me thrive in my digital business were the following:

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  1. Develop an agreement
    My rates were readily available, but I had an agreement sheet with my policies (how early they needed to cancel lessons, price and payment schedule, important dates, books needed and cost, etc.) Of course, I communicated regularly with clients and emergencies were understood. An agreement with terms eliminates confusion or misunderstanding and allows you to refer to the document with questions or concerns that arise.
  2. Use a tracking system
    For piano, I had a receipt book and kept track of my transactions so I could consolidate and add them up for taxes and for the students. I knew who paid and when, we had a record, and we could reconcile any differences with that reference. I knew I needed the same when I worked with clients in my online business.
  3. Be flexible and adaptable
    You may be offering the same service, with the same tools, for the same amount of time, but the way that time is used will look very different for each individual. Just as some students have different ways of learning, each client will have very different ways of working. Knowing how to handle those variances and still produce quality work efficiently and effectively is a skill often overlooked.

These 3 pieces are essential in any business. I learned them early on, and attribute much of my success to a building from a good foundation. A great idea can crumble without the framework to hold it together through the trembles. 

Which of the three things would you say is most important?

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