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Being a new parent has its ebb and flow. But, anyone who chooses that path will likely tell you how amazing of a gift it truly is. My outstanding guest blogger this week, Athena Carmichael, joins us on that incredible journey as she recently became a mommy. She shares her story and guidance on new motherhood from her experience and perspective. Come along…

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As I am sitting here writing this I am still in disbelief I have been a mom for 6 months now. Time seems to disappear so quickly these days when I am so busy with my little one! My life has drastically changed for the better and while 6 months is a short amount of time, my old self of who I was before seems like a distant memory. I remember the oh so giddy feeling of anxiously waiting for my little boy to arrive in this world. Looking back I had no clue how much of an impact he would have on my husband and I’s lives for the better!

New Motherhood

In these past 6 months, I have grown more as a woman than ever in my life as I have navigated the different paths and learning experiences with my little one and this bright addition to my husband and I ‘s way of life. Everyone says how time flies by as a parent and I honestly never understood that until I had my son, Clyde. Each day there is something new to learn and amazing to experience. Growth and development for a little one at this stage in their life is so fresh and new. Not one moment is the same and that truly is the best thing about being in the parenting club!

I could go on for hours and write a novel it seems like about my 6 months of new motherhood- the highs and lows – however, I will share with you the top 10 lessons I have learned in 6 months of new motherhood and I hope you find comfort in these feelings as mutual.

New Mother = New Normal

As a new mom, nothing is the same and that is what I learned about the beauty of new motherhood. It all takes time and eventually you find a new groove with your family and sweet baby. In the first months of being a new mom, I felt a strong desire to create a new schedule for my family to stick too and I have found that my new normal is different from my previous life before being a mom and that is completely okay!

New Motherhood LessonsPatience is Key

There will be moments of frustration and moments of anxiety. That is all completely normal for a new mom and having patience to realize you are learning so much so fast to this whole motherhood thing is key to making it through the day. As a new mother I want nothing more than to help my baby grow and develop as the best healthy baby; with that can come impatience with oneself and self-doubt. This point right here has been especially difficult to admit and recognize as I am naturally not a patient person. All things come in good time and being a new mommy is hard and taking a deep breath to remember you are amazing and doing the best you can provides much needed clarity for your day.

Go With The Flow

One can only plan so much – sleeping when your baby is sleeping is often the best kind of medicine you need to heal after giving birth. Naturally an energetic person, the first couple of months being a new mother I learned to catch a few minutes during the day of much needed shut eye while I can and that way I am so much more well equipped to spend quality time with my baby boy. While you may want to establish some sort of routine with your little one right off the bat, in the first few months that can be quite difficult so it is better to go with the flow.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Laundry piling up? Your dishes need to be washed? You will get there and don’t worry taking one chore at a time will help you not feel so overwhelmed with everything else you feel you need to get done in the house.

Lessons New MotherhoodTake Lots of Pictures

After only 6 months of motherhood under my belt I am SO grateful and thankful to have taken so many pictures of my little one. You may not notice it as much as others, but your baby will change so much and it is nice to look back on the photos you have taken. They will appreciate it when they are older as well and you show them all the things you did with them when they were so little.

Cherish the Little Moments

In the first few months of a babies life there is so much going on and you are trying to cope with all of these changes. Take a breath for a few minutes and just cherish those moments of new mama craziness. You won’t regret taking a moment to truly be in the moment with your baby.

Still Do Things You Like

I can’t tell you how many times while I was pregnant I would go out and have people tell me, “Just wait until you have kids – you won’t be able to live the same.” While yes your life changes, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still do fun things you like with your baby and family. You just have to adjust and make some minor changes to go do things that you still love. The bonus is you get to experience it all with your kiddo. Just last week, for the first time in two years I was able to go kayaking at the lake nearby our home! I will tell you this was such a good experience and my husband and I took turns watching our son while the other would go kayak on the lake for 20 minutes at a time. A little different than before, but oh so worth it!

Ask Your Partner for Help

Alright mamas, here is a big one. ASK FOR HELP. I know you want to be the supermom and that’s all good, but trust me your partner is looking for things to do to help you. Especially in the first months of you adjusting to being new parents. I have learned along the way it is better to communicate and ask for help than assume your partner will know when you need it or not.

Lessons in New Motherhood

Don’t Foster Mom Guilt

This one’s tough. Mom guilt is REAL. Over the past six months, I have had to battle the thoughts am I doing enough? Is this what is best for my baby? While all those questions swirl in your mind, if its constant it is not healthy. If you can taking some time to have positive thoughts and affirmations help with not fostering that mom guilt that all mamas battle as moms and especially as new mothers.

It’s Okay to Not Know Everything

Being a new mom, cut yourself some slack – seriously. You don’t have to know everything and as time goes on you feel more comfortable in your mama skin. Some days you will feel more confident in your abilities than others and that is perfectly fine. Just remember that in these new months of motherhood you are taking on so much and you will only learn more as you go.

If you are wanting some additional de-stress tips and advice for new moms check out my blog over at Little Mountain Mommy. My De-Stress for Motherhood Success Guide gives you some great relaxation techniques and ideas.

Best wishes,

Athena (Little Mountain Mommy)

Athena Guest HeadshotHi, I’m Athena. I’m a mom to a sweet baby boy, happy wife, and lover of the outdoors living in rural Idaho. I am the owner and editor of Little Mountain Mommy. I blog about all things motherhood, lifestyle hacks, and travel. I truly enjoy sharing my stories and encouraging you to live your best life! When I’m not blogging with a warm cup of coffee in hand you can usually find me on my next mommy and me adventure with my husband and little one.
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